In addition to our printed journal, the Emory Undergraduate Medical Review also publishes a complementary open access edition: EUMR Open Access. EUMR Open Access publishes much of the same content as EUMR's traditional print edition, but with a simplified submission process for authors and a much quicker turnaround time. This allows EUMR Open Access to offer (amongst other content) op-eds and commentary pieces on current medical issues not possible with our print timeline.

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Open Access

IVD Degeneration and Repair

“Having a spine” is to be able to have tenacity. Just as the metaphor suggests, the spine does indeed support us and when problems arise with it, disaster occurs. One of these problems is herniation. The mechanism behind herniations is a complex topic, and researchers are now increasingly concerned …

Textbooks, Pencils, and IV’s

Profuse bleeding, drug overdose, and cardiac arrest aren’t the first things that come to mind when imagining an undergraduate experience. However, that’s just a day in the life of an Emory Emergency Medical Services (EEMS) member. EEMS mainly serves DeKalb County where…

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Sleep is a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Yet, one of the most prevailing concerns amongst students at Emory is the amount of sleep we get on a daily basis. To combat the effects of sleepiness, many students opt for caffeine as a quick fix. However, caffeine …